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Dedicated to enhancing the technical knowledge, professional skills and business relationships of every CCIM designee and non-designee members through the creation and consistent delivery of unique and outstanding educational, mentoring and networking opportunities.

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Help needed! Program Opportunity-N and NW MN

Category: General

Published: Feb 25, 2016

Greetings from Minneapolis. In case I haven’t met you all yet I’m the 2016 President of our CCIM chapter. I’ve spoken with a couple of you about this but wanted to get us all thinking together. As a chapter we’ve decided we would like to do CE programs in our markets closer to you to give you some additional benefit from our chapter, great networking opportunities, and some good education. It’s my goal that we put on at least 2 programs this year but for us to do this we need to start now and we need your help. CCIM Minnesota Dakotas Chapter is committed to the resources necessary to put on these programs, applying for CE credits, etc.


Our current thoughts with respect to locations for hosting are Duluth, Brainerd and possibly Moorhead/Fargo area. Whoever is willing to coordinate and help out will help drive where we place the first program. I realize that each of your markets are unique in different ways. I’ve completed transactions in each and understand we should focus on what’s relevant and valuable to you. Below is a list of some programs we’ve had in the past and I’d ask you to consider what you feel would be a great program that could attract your colleagues and friends to the event:



Roundtable (market sector updates)

Mall of America Retail update

Financing (Debt & Equity)

Understanding the RE Market through Major Media

Cost Segregation for non-accountants

Financing outlook – trends and changes in Real Estate Banking

1031 Exchanges



Other topics (I’m thinking of):

Iron ore mining – how does this affect real estate and capital investment in real estate

Supply Chain – Whats good, what’s bad about the current economic state of Duluth and how is it affecting our industries today

Oil – I’m sure there are lots of topics but this may be one closer to ND somewhere. Ideas would be to have Michael Houge speak

Developments – Could focus on a specific development and how it is affecting changes in the real estate landscape

Transportation – Duluth, Brainerd and Fargo….how is transportation and distribution in your market?

Opportunities – where is the needle in the haystack for opportunity


Not sure any of the above are relevant or can be made into a great program but we’d like to help you and try it out. Like I said we want to be a resource and we would LOVE to provide some additional benefits to you and your local real estate community. This is a big step for us and we’re excited to partner with you. Please reply to me with your thoughts and if you feel you can champion a program we would appreciate it.


Best Regards,



Rob Youngquist, CCIM

Senior Vice President



2016 CI Courses

Category: General

Published: Dec 07, 2015

Three of the core CI Courses will be held in Minneapolis in 2016 at the University of St. Thomas.

CI 101 - February 1st-4th

CI 103 - October 10th-13th

CI 104 - May 16th-19th


Calendar of Events