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What Is the Florida CCIM Chapter?

The Florida CCIM Chapter is a privately-incorporated Chapter of the CCIM Institute.

An affiliate of the National Association of Realtors, the CCIM Institute has been a recognized global leader in professional education for more than 30 years. CCIM?s membership includes: brokers, agents, corporate real estate officers, REIT investment executives, pension fund managers, developers, asset managers, investment counselors, appraisers, property managers, mortgage bankers, attorneys, accountants, and others in allied fields.

Who Visits this Web Site?

CCIM estimates that its users will spend 30 to 60 minutes per day accessing CCIM, which is built into this web site.

Commercial real estate professionals will use CCIM on a daily basis to:

Who Should Advertise Here?

How Much Exposure Will My Business Gain?

Your advertisements will reach thousands of users nationwide on a daily basis, including:

What Types of Advertising Are Available?

Six advertising slots occupy the entire right-hand column of CCIM and are present on nearly every page. Advertisers may also purchase a large skyscraper banner to combine all six tile slots and occupy the entire column.

Who Do I Contact For More Information?

Please contact Jessica Best at jessica@flccim.com for more information.