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Legislatively Speaking

By: Claudette Bruck

This year, the legislative session began early, as most of you know…faced with the once every ten years task of redrawing politicalboundaries. Much energy was also spent on dealing with the$2 Million Dollar shortfall.

Once again, Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Funds weremoved to general revenue; however, funds were appropriatedfor tourism and economic development; both of which serve toimprove the real estate market.

$27.5 million has been scheduled to fund Florida's marketingagency, "Visit Florida." $ 8.6 million has been scheduled tofund Florida's economic development agency, "EnterpriseFlorida." $61 million is expected to fund affordable housingprograms through the State Economic Enhancementand Development Fun and other development funds.

In addition, the following has been set aside: $1.5 million to study nitrogen reduction and develop newtechnology for passive septic systems. $285,00 has been setaside to control unlicensed activity…$8.4 million has beenset aside for the Florida Forever land acquisition programand $30 million for much needed Everglades restoration.


Claudette Bruck, CCIM, GRI, CIPS, REALTOR