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 The Alabama CCIM Chapter serves as the focal point for quality education, networking and market services for the commercial investment real estate specialist in Alabama, by offering resources enabling the commercial investment practitioner to deliver superior service to clients and customers.

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Alabama Chapter Podcast

Category: General

Published: Apr 23, 2013

 Listen to podcast by Alabama Chapter member Bill Barnhill, CCIM  and Shelly LaGroue, CPA for a summary on how new tax laws impact real estate.  Click here to listen now!



CCIM The Best of the Best

Category: General

Published: Mar 23, 2012

You see CCIM on signs, in email signatures and on the lapel pins of some of the leaders in the commercial real estate industry. It’s obviously something people are proud of, but why is it so important?
Those who have this CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation are a part of a 15,000-member international organization of experts in the commercial and investment real estate industry. At Southpace, we have more CCIM designees than any competitor in our region.
Don’t let that fool you though. It’s not easy becoming a CCIM. We’ve gone through a designation process that involves a graduate level type of education and testing, along with assembling a portfolio of our professional experience.
The week-long classes cover ethics, interest-based negotiation, financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis and investment analysis. If you’re also working while taking these classes, it can take up to four to five years. You can’t just say, “I think I’ll take some classes” and be a CCIM in six months. The portfolio is proof that you have demonstrated the knowledge of a CCIM in real transactions over a number of years. Education alone is not enough to earn the designation.
For those who have been around commercial real estate as an investor, shopping center, office park or industrial park owner, they are probably familiar with the acronym CCIM. But if they’re truly active in the business, they know that a CCIM is a real pro with an impressive portfolio of work and someone that has the education and experience to back it up.
An industry veteran looking for help in CRE matters automatically knows, the best way to find the top professionals in any given market is to start with a search of the CCIM website. They will choose to work with a CCIM because they’re confident that a CCIM knows the market, can do an analysis on a property, has connections in the market and that they’ve had experience on similar deals for many years.
CCIM professionals have access to the latest industry tools including the CCIM Institute’s “Site To Do Business.” It gives us thousands of different types of reports, mapping, research analytics and demographics—putting the very best information at our fingertips. This is a real benefit to working with a CCIM.
The Alabama CCIM Chapter is a highly regarded chapter because our members have held instructional and leadership roles on a national level in the Institute. We are known throughout the organization for the management and performance of the chapter at the local level. The Alabama CCIM chapter has won numerous awards from the international organization in recent years. We’re a very heavily involved chapter, nationally, regionally and statewide.
Southpace Properties has been instrumental at the board level since the 1980s when Southpace Principals Bill McDavid and John Lauriello served as president of the chapter and as an Instructor for the institute respectively. I am pleased to serve as the 2012 Chapter President of the Alabama Chapter while Southpace Principal, Bryan Holt serves as the 2012 Secretary.
Southpace is proud of our affiliation with the CCIM Institute—past and present. And we are committed to maintaining our relationship with the CCIM Institute and furthering their ideals of Networking, Education and Technology.
It is vital to the service of our clients to be the best educated, best equipped and most connected commercial real estate company in our markets.


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